How It Works

Details of services and fees

Initial Consultation

The initial telephone consultation is to allow you to discuss your worries about your child's speech and language development and any other concerns you may have. You can find out more about how I work and what I offer.

This is free and there is no obligation to take things further. Sometimes just talking about your child may be enough to set your mind at rest.

If I think that my particular services are not what your child needs I will try to suggest another, more suitable professional.


Initial Assessment

I usually start by visiting you at home, for up to two hours, when I will:

  • Talk with you to get your perspective on difficulties and concerns.
  • Ask questions to get a detailed case history.
  • Observe your child especially with regards to communication and play.
  • Talk or play with your child to assess communication strengths and difficulties. This may include formal tasks.
  • Discuss my findings and recommendations with you, and perhaps agree a plan for therapy sessions.


Therapy sessions

I will design a plan based on the individual needs and interests of your child. Sessions will often include playing games.

I will also spend time discussing with you activities, strategies and techniques to use at home.

Each session usually lasts about an hour, depending on your child's age and individual needs.

The fee includes preparation time, writing case notes, administration, business overheads, professional requirements, materials etc.


For more details please refer to my Terms and Conditions.