People appreciate the speech and language therapy their children get and the progress they make as a result.

Feedback and comments from clients are always appreciated, whether from parents, schools or fellow professionals.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all you have done for [child’s name removed] and myself over the past 10 years or so. I will never forget your kindness at that meeting so long ago, when you offered to take [child’s name removed] on and the support you have given me.

— R, parent

Our Son, now eleven was diagnosed with Autism at a relatively young age of three, amongst his many obstacles, his speech and the way he would use his language are by far his most problematic area. We were referred to speech and language but more importantly, we were referred to …… Em. From our very first meeting with Em, we knew we had “hit the jackpot”, we knew we had been introduced to a Therapist who was worth her salt.

Em has many exceptional qualities, concise, extremely informative and exceptionally knowledgeable, one could not ask for a more committed Therapist. There never seemed to be a problem or issue that Em did not have a constructive answer or solution for, often going above and beyond, what would have normally sufficed. There is a quiet feeling of assurance when approaching Em with a seemingly impossible issue, assurance in the way that you know once you’ve discussed your problem with Em, she will show you a solution.

Em has guided us through some murky waters over the last few years and we would hate to have thought where we would have been without her. Em should feel proud of her achievements as we have been proud to have her looking after us.

— C, parent

I worked with Em for 10 years in my role as an educational psychologist and then as Principal Psychologist. We worked together in a wide range of professional activities including joint casework and strategic and development work. Em is a highly respected, knowledgeable and experienced practitioner and her informed contributions in meetings were always valued. Her work with regard to pre-school children was of particular value.

— Susan Dean, Principal Educational Psychologist

I had the pleasure of interagency working with Em from 2005 – 2013. I found Em always available to discuss shared pupils. Her range of knowledge and experience was invaluable to help us produce Support Plans and Individual Education Plans for the children.

She provided training for some of our staff on different aspects of communication. There were many opportunities for joint assessments and schools valued her advice to staff.

She was an integral member of the interagency team and has been team leader for a vast number of children over the years. She was supportive of parents and able to reassure them with her calm manner.

— Anne Duff, Principal Teacher Early Years

Appointments for assessment are usually available within two weeks. Don’t delay – early intervention matters.

Within a few sessions you will gain skills and confidence to help your child progress.